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Provence Pottery Shop, Framed
October 12, 2017, 9:26 am
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Provence Pottery Class wirh Lois Kershner was a class I took in 2016 at the ANG Seminar in New Orleans. This was a class designed in part to learn about photo transfer. I was very happy with how it turned. Not full coverage was also something new for me! I realize that I never posted a picture of it framed. I love the frame & don’t tell my usual framer but Michael’s did a fine job framing with a frame from “off the shelf” (and quite a bit cheaper).

The photo is also in my album on the new ANG website. It was easy to upload photos there. I’m planning on adding photos from ANG classes, exhibits, Stitch of the Month, and pilot classes!

2016 Provence Pottery Shop with Lois Kershner


ANG Stitch of the Month, Panel 3 Pilot, October 2017
October 10, 2017, 5:02 pm
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I had an opportunity to pilot the ANG Stitch of the Month for 2017, Kaleidoscope Squares-A Color Study of Shifting Patterns by Deborah Forney. I only had time to do the one small Panel 3 (a year ago) but wouldn’t reveal the October portion until it was available on ANG’s website. And, that is available on the updated ANG website ( It’s an interesting study of color – if I had more time, I would do more of this SOTM. The nice thing about ANG’s SOTM is that it’ll always be available! I forget what threads I used. I must have notes somewhere but not sure where they are after reorganizing a few months ago!!




ANG Keystone Garden Chapter Mystery Project 
September 24, 2017, 2:05 pm
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The Diamond Rhodes stitch and Diagonal Gobelin stitch worked up so quickly that I was done during our ANG Keystone Garden Chapter meeting this month. It’s a mystery project that we add to each month for a year. We’re almost done!!

ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter, SOTM 2012 Pillow Finished
September 18, 2017, 8:17 am
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Another finish within a calendar year! This was started in September of last year as a year-long project for my ANG Main Line Chapter. It’s the ANG Stitch of the Month from 2012, the 40th Anniversary Heart. Stitching was done in 9 months. And, thanks to Nimble Needle of NJ for another great pillow which will look cute on my guest bed next to a white puppy.

Zapotec Rug 
September 16, 2017, 8:44 am
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I finished stitching Zapotec Rug designed by Toni Gerdes back in February and now it has been “finished” into a rug through Nimble Needle of NJ. I may get an acrylic tray to display it. For now, I will use an easel display stand.  

It’s still available to stitch through the ANG Correspondence Courses. Loved working with the wool threads.

Fleur de Mardi Gras
September 14, 2017, 2:57 pm
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This ornament, Fleur de Mardi Gras by Jude Designs, is the second piece of 3 projects finished from the 2016 ANG Seminar in New Orleans. The charm was a gift from ANG.

The French Knot was the host shop at Seminar and I picked up this canvas and the threads there. They had a nice variety of canvases as I recall.

And, the finisher that Karen at Nimble Needle in NJ uses did such a nice job! I really like a small simple bow so it doesn’t overpower the ornament.

Needle Nook of La Jolla Visit
September 6, 2017, 9:52 pm
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Needle Nook of La Jolla lived up to their reputation! Two stores, one with canvases and one with threads, both amazing. You can’t tell from the pictures but the thread walls slide revealing more threads. They are near a lovely Ocean and have an ocean of lovely threads! You really can’t appreciate how many canvases they have either on the flip boards. Good to see Vicky was there to actually meet her and displaying her award-winning piece. I had seen Nancy working in the exhibit area. All the members of the local ANG chapter did a fantastic job. 

Nothing much I needed except more of the Orange Silk Lame Braid which they had. But, I did decide to get the Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky CD called Stitches with 300 stitched. On the back, it says, “Use as clip art to create your own stitch guide.” If I use them, I’ll note which are from the CD versus which ones I create. Hopefully, my diagrams will be half as good. I also want to see how she organizes and names the stitches.