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Red Walnetto Ornament
December 17, 2018, 11:24 pm
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I’m not sure where I got the design but I apparently used Watercolours Cinnabar, an overdye without a lot of variation. A few years ago at an ANG Main Line meeting, I made a cord using the Kumihimo Japanese braiding technique to finish the ornament but never did attach the cord and can’t find it now. So, I cut around the design to fit this silver ornament. It beveled up just a little for a perfect fit.


Patchwork of Peace, Row 4 White
December 15, 2018, 1:13 pm
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I was trying to stitch a block a day. But, I ran into a snag. You may be able to see where I had to remove blocks 1 through 9 in between the 2 white rows. Yes, it took me 9 blocks to realize that I didn’t skip a row for the red stripe. At least I didn’t finish the row and the blocks restitched faster the second time around.

Starting with the block on the right (#1) moving to the left (#11), I used the following threads:

1 – Wikdflowers 000 and 118

2 – DMC #8 B5200, DMC Floche Blanc, and Kreinik 032C

3 – Wildflowers 000 and Soie Perlee 694

4 – Gloriana 0057 and Silk Lame Braid Petite SP100

5 – Pashmina 000 and Elegance E800

6 – Bella Lusso 001 and DMC Floche Blanc

7 – Pashmina 261 and DMC #8 Ecru

8 – Trebizond 125

9 – Burmillana 3845 and Au Ver A Soie

10 – Wildflowers 118 and Elegance E800

11 – Wildflowers 000 and Gloriana 261

Orna’s Studio Open House
December 7, 2018, 5:09 pm
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Four of us from ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter enjoyed Orna’s open house at her new studio. It’s a wonderful area to work. Great sunlight. We’ll have to figure out what class our chapter would be interested in doing next. There’s Carol Ann and Buff in the back. Rae is sitting working on writing up our purchases.

I found 4 pretty Bijoux threads and a couple of sparkly red threads for my Patchwork of Peace. Orna’s packages are all so pretty but I only picked up the kit for a pair of earrings.

Orna has a lovely selection of snacks upstairs which we enjoyed as we sat and chatted with her and Carol from NJ who follows my blog! And, later, we were there to see Barbara from MD and Brenda and Roseanne from DE – all ANG folks.

Wonderful day! We look forward to returning for a class and wish Orna all the best in their new home and studio.

Christmas Craftree, 2018
December 6, 2018, 1:24 pm
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Since I had too many ornaments for our little table top Christmas tree, I decided to create another tree to hang some hand-crafted ornaments in 2016. I forgot to put it up in 2017 but remembered this year. I still have more that didn’t fit.

The board is the center part of a black poster board trifold with the side panels removed. One side panel is taped on the back to add some spacer for the push pins. I used black duct tape to protect the edges and green duct tape to make the tree.

All the ornaments have been hand-made by myself, my mother, and my grandmother or bought at a craft show except for the 3 wooden ones near the top because I wanted a couple of more snowflakes and a big star to top the tree.

This year, the tree holds a different collection of ornaments including more needlepoint ornaments than cross stitch designs that were displayed in 2016. The golf bag and purple bulb near the center are probably the newest.

Patchwork of Peace, Row 2-White
December 1, 2018, 12:13 pm
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I thought I’d try to stitch a block a day. At this rate, I’ll be done July 26, 2019. But, finishing on July 4 would be nice. Or, September 2, 2019 for Labor Day. I think Memorial Day would be overly optimistic. We’ll see how it goes.

Starting with the block on the right (#1) moving to the left (#11), I used the following threads:

1 – DMC #8 Ecru and DMC Floche Blanc

2 – Soie Cristale 0057 and Renaissance Delight Shimmerlite 01

3 – DMC Floche Blanc and DMC #8 B5200

4 – Designers Dream D02 and Treasure Braid Petite PB10

5 – Wikdflowers 000 and Silk Lame Braid Petite SP100

6 – Trebizond 125, Pashmina 000, and Pashmina 261

7 – Renaissance Delight Shimmerlite 01, Bella Lusso 001, and Burmilana 3845

8 – Soie Cristale 0057 and Treasure Braid Petite PB10

9 – Subtlety 4899

10 – DMC Floche Blanc and Sparkle Braid SK06

11 – Gloriana 261 and Wildflowers 000

Most of the time, when I stitch over one canvas thread, I repeat the stitch for better coverage.

Very easy to follow the instructions from the supplements (Connie sells them at Nashville Needleworks) and a fun way to try different stitches.

Patchwork of Peace Begins
November 21, 2018, 11:36 am
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I picked up the original book by Mary Clark Donegan and the supplements by Connie Camp a while ago. Now, Buff, one of my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter members decided to do it too. So, I got energized to start mine!

The original book is great mostly because it is like Stitches for Effect by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson giving suggestions about how else to use a stitch. But, Connie’s is better for stitching the flag because diagrams are fully compensated and have been adjusted occasionally to fit next to each other better.

Each block is 16 x 16 threads. And, the design is 304 x 208 threads which is either 17″ x 11.5″ on 18 count or 12&3/4″ x 8&3/4″ on 24 count Congress Cloth.

However, working on larger projects isn’t as fun for me (add 2 inches on all 4 sides and it’s big). So, I decided to work on Congress Cloth which I’ve used a couple of times and isn’t as difficult to stitch on as I expected.

I found plenty of white threads in my stash (which I split into bright white and white) but almost no ecru! So, I headed to Nimble Needle in NJ and got ecru Congress Cloth and had fun with Karen picking up a variety of threads including some interesting ones that I use infrequently or never before (Pashmina, Subtlety, and Soie Perlee).

I think the ecru Congress Cloth will show the white threads better and will not be as visible under the red and blue threads as white Congress Cloth.

Instead of having the blue area of the flag be 7 blocks square, I’m going to make it 8 x 7 to more closely resemble the actual flag. I’d seen David L in the private Facebook group for this design expand the blue and really liked it better. I’m not painting the Congress Cloth with stripes of red or blue. I basted the center column to get me started correctly. Didn’t want to use pencil to grid it because of the white threads. And, didn’t want to waste time basting more of the squares.

One block of the 90 white ones is done (in the upper center area). There are a total of 247 blocks and a border. I won’t get too far ahead of you Buff (I do have other projects started) but you got me motivated!

Our Main Line Stitchers chapter meets this Saturday November 24th from 10 am to 2 pm for a casual Stitch-in Time at Starbucks (218 Lancaster Avenue) in Wayne, PA. Stop by if you’re in the area!

Chainettes Explored

As part of an ongoing thread project for my ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter, I researched the following chainette threads: 24 Karats, Alabaster, Cresta d Oro, Gold Rush, Nordic Gold, Snow, and Winter. A chainette is like a chain of crocheting. Because each chain is tucked into the one before it, it can unravel. I didn’t experience that while stitching with either Snow, Alabaster, or Winter. However, I was able to pull on all 5 chainettes that I had samples of and make them unravel. If you experience unraveling, there are several options: cut off the raveled part and rethread your needle; use a larger needle to open the hole and pull straight through the canvas to create less friction; use Fray Check; or, apply heat to the frayed end with a thread burner tool.

  • 24 Karats – Rainbow Gallery: A high luster chainette metallic thread (79% Metallized Polyester, 21% Nylon). It is recommended for use on 12 to 18 count canvas. Available in 13 colors on 10 yard cards.
  • Alabaster – Rainbow Gallery: An iridescent metallic chainette with an opalescent sparkle (58% Metallized Polyester, 42% Nylon). It is recommended for use on 13 to 18 count canvas. Available in white only on 20 yard cards.
  • Antica – Caron Collections: A chainette thread between a #3 and a #5 perle cotton with more of a soft glow than a shiny sparkle. Available in 9 antique shades on 20 yard cards.
  • Cresta d’Oro – Rainbow Gallery: A chainette (67% Viscose, 33% Metallized Polyester). It is recommended for use on 12 to 18 count canvas. Available in 23 different colors on 15 yard cards.
  • Gold Rush 12, 14, 18, or XS – Rainbow Gallery: A chainette (80% Viscose, 20% Metallized Polyester). Available in different colors in 3 sizes on 10 yard cards: 12 for use on 10 to 12 count, 14 for use on 13 to 16 count, 18 for use on 18 to 22 count. XS is very fine available in different colors on 20 yard cards.
  • Nordic Gold – Rainbow Gallery: A very fine metallic chainette (52% Metallized Polyester, 48% Nylon). About the size 2 or 3 strands of blending filaments. Available in different colors in 25 yard cards.
  • Snow – Caron Collections: A soft metallic chainette with an opalescent sparkle (58% Metallized Polyester, 42% Nylon). Available in different colors in 10 yard skeins.
  • Winter – Rainbow Gallery: An iridescent metallic chainette with an opalescent sparkle (66% Metallized Polyester, 34% Polyester). Available in white only on 10 or 40 yards per card.

These stitched samples are Snow (left), Alabaster (center), and Winter (right). All 3 threads are similar in size to a #5 perle cotton and worked well with good coverage on 18 count canvas.

Snow feels the softest, is the whitest, is the least iridescent, and looks the least like a chainette.

Alabaster has the most visible chainette effect even when stitched.

Winter covered the best, has a good blend of being white and iridescent, and doesn’t look like a chainette when stitched. It photographs best too! So, Winter will probably be what I use for the snow in the Winter Sleigh canvas that our ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter are discussing and some of us are stitching.

Speaking of our chapter, I’m so excited that we have 5 new members since September! Oddly enough, each have arrived via a different path including being an invited guest to speak about her work on ecclesiastical needlepoint, a friend of a member, one met a member at Seminar, another heard of us through a local frame store, and the last through a Google search. And, that means 4 new ANG members as well!