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Dragon Fly, Framed
May 12, 2015, 9:22 pm
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Dragon Fly is a Kathryn Molineux painted canvas that I selected at Nimble Needle for a class with Sharon G who provided the stitch guide.

I’ve had this done for a while & was enjoying looking at it but I can only keep so many pieces. So, this went to Anita, another coworker for her birthday! And, now everyone I work with has gotten something I stitched.

The design was exactly 5″ X 7″ & Michael’s cut the mat to fit exactly. I really got lucky with the color of the frame matching my design – also from Michael’s!  I just cut the canvas down & left it unblocked. There isn’t the same amount of space in this type of frame to add another layer of thickness. And, my stitching doesn’t pull the canvas out of shape anyway – so, it should be fine.

Dragon Fly Framed

The Queen is Visiting Woodlawn
February 4, 2015, 7:26 pm
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The Queen’s Silhouette is traveling to Woodlawn for the 52nd Annual Needlework Show. She’ll be there for the month of March.

Before the Queen left, she was able to visit the people who I work with including Roya who gave me the piece. She brought it back from Tapisserie in London.

Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t able to visit my ANG stitching friends.

Nancy & Murphy at the Artful Framer in Paoli did a fantastic job with the frame. They were very patient helping us (my husband & )  picking it & the mat out. I really appreciate their efforts. I really recommend deciding on how you will finish a piece before you finish stitching! I switched to an oval but not the same size oval as typical mats come in. But, they figured out a way!

Queen is Framed

Dragon Fly, Ready for Flight
January 31, 2015, 10:22 am
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It looks like it could fly away!

The wings were Alicia’s Lace (#8 045) outlined with Gold Rush (202C) & couched with Accentuate  (024).

The body was padded first with long stitches of Crystal Braid (CR08) & covered by straight  (satin) stitches Kreinik  (#8 045).

The head is French Knots (#8 045). It has been 2 years since I’ve done one & they were a snap thanks to a Mary Corbett video for a refresher!

Initially,  the small squares were going to be Rhodes stitch but Sharon G thought they wouldn’t compensate easily & suggested Double Leviathan but that pattern covers 4 threads & the square was 5 threads. So, I did my best with the Rhodes using Gloriana  (#088 Seaweed).

Now, off to the framers & then, where will it land? Hmm

Dragon Fly Finished


Dragon Fly Background
January 18, 2015, 3:23 pm
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According to Sharon G, the background is supposed to look like rain but the notes I took during class didn’t have enough details especially considering that I waited years & not days to get back to stitching this piece. Ideally, I should have stitched some in each area or at least taken better notes!

Now, I realize that the note about the Damask stitch pattern on page 48 referred her book, Simply Essential Needlepoint Stitch Explanations, that I must have bought that day. I just found it while looking for another book. And, I realize that I stitched the whole background differently than Sharon had intended. This stitch pattern would have been on the green background but you can see it is more open & looks like rain.

Dragon Fly Rain

Initially, I stitched the top row gold (using 2 strands of Accentuate) and thought it was too heavy. So, I tried 1 strand (bottom row).

Background options

And, I decided the 1 strand of the Accentuate was better! The green rows are the same thread, 2 strands of Peacock Blue (192) Gloriana. To prevent streaking, Sharon suggested alternating between 5 x 18″ lengths and reversing the direction of the threads.  I have delayed posting this as I contemplated my options: (1) rip it all out & start over – I have enough thread, (2) cover some of the gold with or without adding some gold on top of the green, and (3) do nothing. Oh well, it doesn’t look like rain but I can live with this!! What would you have done?

Dragon Fly Background



Dragon Fly, A Tribute to Kathryn Molineux
January 7, 2015, 10:22 am
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I mentioned in my “Plans for 2015” post, that I had a Dragon Fly painted canvas.  I knew it was from a Sharon G class I had taken at Nimble Needle but had forgotten it was a Kathryn Molineux painted canvas.  Sharon provided the stitch guide.

Since that was the most completed of the works in progress, I decided to start stitching that piece & have been working on it for the past few days. And, I was shocked to read today that Kathryn passed away Dec 26, 2014. So, I am really glad to share my progress as a tribute to her memory.

Dragon Fly progress



The Queen Has Been Crowned
December 26, 2014, 9:25 am
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I finally blocked out time & applied the beads. The background just needed the small cross stitches in the Criss-Cross Hungarian pattern. I used 2 silk threads of Au Ver A Soie in a slightly darker blue (510). I just finished the last of that (there were a lot of them) & we are heading to The Artful Framer in Paoli today – one of the women in my ANG chapter uses them.


Little Red Flower Sandal Kit
July 31, 2013, 8:20 pm
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I went in Stitch Haus for a thread for my Crescent River on my way home from work today and walked out with a pair of sandals!

The sandals and 16 mesh canvas (BF413) are designed by Birds of a Feather and were on sale (more than on sale, on deep discount). Initially, I thought they fit me but now I realize they are too small (size 39 European or an 8 in US). I really didn’t think of them for me anyway. I wanted to stitch something for the auction for next year’s seminar.

So, if you are an 8, just you wait – these will aid your gait!

Little Red Flower Sandals

In case you didn’t see my blog Tuesday, my husband, Bill Glavin, is one of the finalists for this week’s The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest!! Please vote for his caption (golfer walking into operating room, contest #388) at: