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Whip Stitch for Edging
February 21, 2014, 10:08 pm
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I  do like finishing some pieces on my own in various ways mainly because I do not have much wall space left. And, one of the stitches I use is the whip stitch to finish the edge without blocking. It works good for small pieces to go in such things as ready-made frames, bookends, or box tops – it doesn’t create a thick edge & won’t ravel. As long as I don’t pull threads too taut, the canvas doesn’t get distorted. But, I still haven’t used the stitch often enough that I have it memorized. So, this is my stitched example that I can pull up anytime to refer to it. I have to work it left to right. And, it is better to start and/or end on an edge – not a corner!

Whip stitch

Please VOTE: Mission Main Street Grants Competition
November 7, 2013, 7:14 pm
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Hi folks, I would really appreciate everyone’s help for my sister and her husband’s embroidery business. I will let them explain:
Dear Melita,
Thank you for telling me about this contest and I would like to ask for your offered help in obtaining 250 votes so our embroidery business may be considered in this JPMorgan Chase Bank small business competition.
Its main sponsor is Google PLUS these sponsors:
National Federation of Independent Business
National Minority Supplier Development Council
National Veteran Owned Business Association
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
National Urban League
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation
Winning the grant would allow us to embrace the ages-old concept of “PAY-IT-FORWARD” where, in our current early retirement stage of life, the embroidery / embellishment business would obtain a lockable towable trailer.  Taking the equipment to pre-arranged schools for demonstrations would allow us to help teachers inspire young minds by seeing the business in person.  (It is our thought that many school budgets have been cut often and severely for field trips – among other things – so the field trip will go to the school !  Our Hartford business insurance already covers the equipment and liability of such trips.)
First there would be the obvious artistic aspect showing how art / photographs are made into embroidery or placed onto fabric to be used in examples like quilts or tee shirts.  Immediate and tangible, (prearranged with each school) the students would see their own artwork or photography put on a mug or fabric tote bag for them to take home.
The intangible side would be seeing the process.  Seeing an embroidery machine create art on fabric at up to 1500 stitches per minute is very interesting to watch…and how art becomes embroidery involves programming right on our laptop.  It is very similar to CAD programming which is introduced in many high school programs.  Also there is chemistry involved in photochromic technology…Threads or inks that glow in the dark or change color are very engaging!
Running any of the three machines is a factory/production concept.  Plus there are disciplines such as drafting, engineering, machining and maintenance involved in the equipment itself.  Concepts touching upon small and large businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, local / global economies and accounting could be of interest to teachers in such areas.
Our application for the grant also earmarked some funds for completion of our website, some extra thread and inventory items and an apprentice for our local production.  Several part-time sales reps would be added on a commission basis as well.
Just so you know, the legal agreement Photique – and all entrants – had to make with Chase is VERY specific that, if awarded, the funds MUST be utilized as outlined.  No vacations at the beach!!!
Again, 250 votes are needed to be entered in the competition and we at Photique would appreciate your votes VERY MUCH !  Many thanks to any who are willing to vote for us to become an eligible contestant.
To Vote:
1 — Go to
2 — Click on “Vote”
3 — Enter the zip code “13126” for Photique, our business name.
4 — Connect with Facebook.  (It is the only way to vote.)
5 — Click on “Vote Now.”
DEADLINE  for  VOTES:  Friday NOVEMBER 15th.
Thanks again for finding this, Melita!
Anita and Steve

Since this is a photoblog, I am also sharing an apron they made for me for Christmas – I love roses! Don’t they do beautiful work? I would really appreciate your help to get them to the next step in the process. Thanks so much for your time. Melita

Good luck Anita & Steve – love you too, Melita  (going to vote now!)


Needlepoint in Vermont
October 3, 2013, 8:37 pm
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I may not have found any needlepoint stores in Vermont but I am finding interesting needlepoint pieces in antique stores (first 3 I have no further info on them) and a sampler (a common pattern from Springfield, VT area for a family record sampler done by a 13-year-old, Martha Harkins) and a quilt at the Bennington Museum. It is a 150 year old quilt done by Jane Stickle with 169 five-inch blocks, each in a different pattern, containing a remarkable total of 5,602 pieces, all surrounded by a unique scalloped border. The quilt is in perfect condition & only on display for a limited time each year.

This trip saved me money & from having more unfinished projects! But, I was very fortunate to see such nice work, especially the quilt.






Quilt close up

Needlepoint Visit to Rochester & Canandaigua, NY
July 17, 2013, 4:42 pm
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The night before my shopping excursion, I met with the ANG Flower City chapter. It was a wonderful visit. I think I sparked some interest in the Correspondence Courses. And, I got to see Hiogi (Kay Stanis design) stitched along with many other beautiful pieces. There was a really wide variety of techniques, including knitting represented by about 2 dozen folks! Next time maybe I can sit and stitch for a while.

As we headed out from my aunt and uncle’s in Rochester towards my brother in Naples, I managed to find a new threads for my stash at:

Golden Thread Needlearts in East Rochester. They had Rainbow Gallery’s Silk & Cream described as their ‘Backgrounds Line’. It is a single ply (so, no laying) and is a 50/50 silk/wool blend. Andrea was very excited about the newest trunk show for Elizabeth Bradley. Isn’t the rug amazing! It can be hung on a wall (albeit a large one) or placed on the floor as it was going to be displayed. All kits are designed to be worked with a Victorian cross stitch which covers well and produces a thick, hard-wearing piece without distortion. And, it is not necessary to work it on a frame. I was tempted to get a single square to work up as a pillow. But, I just took the catalog (for now). They have a nice variety needlepoint including instructions for the Brenda Kocher design that our chapter is going to stitch in the fall (Tootsiebubbles: Pinwheels & Whirligigs). And, I saw a stitched Angel of Hope signed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum (I stitched it for my sister and is the subject of an earlier blog). I did get a counted cross stitch of a lilac. There is a very interesting wiki page on the annual Lilac Festival held in Highland Park in May. Growing up south of Rochester in Avon, I have enjoyed the beautiful local flowers.

Golden Thread Needlearts

Silk & Cream

AND at:

Expressions in NeedleArt in Canandaigua NY. The threads are ThreadworX and it is hand overdyed Kreinik (I got several colors in #8 and #12 braid). I never saw a plastic thimble before – very comfortable. Lori was kind enough to let me photo her in the store which has a great selection of threads and the painted canvases were amazing. I have to get used to using thinner threads or open stitches to allow the canvas to show through because there are soooo many beautiful canvases. There were tons of counted instruction booklets, books, and tools.

Expressions in NeedleArt

Metallic overdyed thread

Last but not least, 2 doors away is Liberty Cottage, a Folk Art Stitchery store. I got a fantastic tool which will allow me utilize threads for 2 punch needle projects that I bought some time ago and have yet to complete. I was thrilled to get a lesson from Suzanne who also allowed me to photo her standing next to her beautiful hand dyed wool fabric. She covers rug hooking, tatting, rag rug weaving, and many other crafts. I was tempted to stop in to see the Sat class on penny rug making but we had celebrated at my brother’s wedding a tad too much!

Liberty Cottage

Punch Needle

All the stores offer quality products with a good variety of stitching techniques to choose from and classes to learn – the area is very fortunate!

So, I completed the Rochester trifecta in one day! I enjoyed chatting with all the ladies and look forward to future visits. I really need to stitch faster or retire and stitch more. Then, I can visit more chapters and more stores!!

Scandinavian Stitches Brings Danish Flower Threads to Philadelphia
June 15, 2013, 3:08 pm
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How cool – Scandinavian Stitches came to Philadelphia today for “Finns and Swedes in America since 1638” Celebration at Penn’s Landing. I met Lynda and got her permission to blog this photo. And, I picked up this Christmas Bag with the Nordic Hearts design.

The single-ply, cotton threads are very interesting. They are called Danish Flower Threads. You can feel the roundness of them especially when you feel a single-ply DMC thread. Read all about them at And, if it doesn’t knot as they say, that’ll be very cool!

Scandinavian Stitches

Nordic Hearts Christmas Bag


Danish Flower Thread

Threads from Annie & Company Needlepoint &
May 30, 2013, 10:04 pm
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I met Annie this week & with her permission am posting this picture. I’m holding my purchase (got 10% ANG discount) which is the second picture-threads! The small bags are ’embellishment trim’ by Sundance Designs. They call the line, Sparkles, and describe it as a unique metallic tubular material. You can couch it, twist, turn, stuff, scrunch, or stretch it! Looks like fun times ahead.

And, the other is a beautifully selected bag of threads (for Hanukkah or winter) from Thread Candy Studio. Great combo of blues, purple, & whites.

Between my cell phone  & the iPad provided by the hotel in the room(!), I am able to blog from NYC!



Kreinik Silk Mori
May 23, 2013, 5:42 am
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My husband remembered that I wanted the Kreinik Silk Home Collection. I read about it months ago & told him it would make a great birthday present! And, I’m thrilled with 10 skeins per color family of the Silk Mori that he gave me yesterday. A couple of other nice gifts, dinner with friends, and a week in NYC coming up soon! It makes increasing numbers and increasing aches less painful. Now, to ponder the possibilities about what to do with these. They would certainly lend themselves to more Or Nue projects.

Kreinik Silk Mori


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