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Chainettes Explored

As part of an ongoing thread project for my ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter, I researched the following chainette threads: 24 Karats, Alabaster, Cresta d Oro, Gold Rush, Nordic Gold, Snow, and Winter. A chainette is like a chain of crocheting. Because each chain is tucked into the one before it, it can unravel. I didn’t experience that while stitching with either Snow, Alabaster, or Winter. However, I was able to pull on all 5 chainettes that I had samples of and make them unravel. If you experience unraveling, there are several options: cut off the raveled part and rethread your needle; use a larger needle to open the hole and pull straight through the canvas to create less friction; use Fray Check; or, apply heat to the frayed end with a thread burner tool.

  • 24 Karats – Rainbow Gallery: A high luster chainette metallic thread (79% Metallized Polyester, 21% Nylon). It is recommended for use on 12 to 18 count canvas. Available in 13 colors on 10 yard cards.
  • Alabaster – Rainbow Gallery: An iridescent metallic chainette with an opalescent sparkle (58% Metallized Polyester, 42% Nylon). It is recommended for use on 13 to 18 count canvas. Available in white only on 20 yard cards.
  • Antica – Caron Collections: A chainette thread between a #3 and a #5 perle cotton with more of a soft glow than a shiny sparkle. Available in 9 antique shades on 20 yard cards.
  • Cresta d’Oro – Rainbow Gallery: A chainette (67% Viscose, 33% Metallized Polyester). It is recommended for use on 12 to 18 count canvas. Available in 23 different colors on 15 yard cards.
  • Gold Rush 12, 14, 18, or XS – Rainbow Gallery: A chainette (80% Viscose, 20% Metallized Polyester). Available in different colors in 3 sizes on 10 yard cards: 12 for use on 10 to 12 count, 14 for use on 13 to 16 count, 18 for use on 18 to 22 count. XS is very fine available in different colors on 20 yard cards.
  • Nordic Gold – Rainbow Gallery: A very fine metallic chainette (52% Metallized Polyester, 48% Nylon). About the size 2 or 3 strands of blending filaments. Available in different colors in 25 yard cards.
  • Snow – Caron Collections: A soft metallic chainette with an opalescent sparkle (58% Metallized Polyester, 42% Nylon). Available in different colors in 10 yard skeins.
  • Winter – Rainbow Gallery: An iridescent metallic chainette with an opalescent sparkle (66% Metallized Polyester, 34% Polyester). Available in white only on 10 or 40 yards per card.

These stitched samples are Snow (left), Alabaster (center), and Winter (right). All 3 threads are similar in size to a #5 perle cotton and worked well with good coverage on 18 count canvas.

Snow feels the softest, is the whitest, is the least iridescent, and looks the least like a chainette.

Alabaster has the most visible chainette effect even when stitched.

Winter covered the best, has a good blend of being white and iridescent, and doesn’t look like a chainette when stitched. It photographs best too! So, Winter will probably be what I use for the snow in the Winter Sleigh canvas that our ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter are discussing and some of us are stitching.

Speaking of our chapter, I’m so excited that we have 5 new members since September! Oddly enough, each have arrived via a different path including being an invited guest to speak about her work on ecclesiastical needlepoint, a friend of a member, one met a member at Seminar, another heard of us through a local frame store, and the last through a Google search. And, that means 4 new ANG members as well!


Dyeing to Stitch
October 24, 2018, 8:40 pm
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I stopped at Dyeing to Stitch in Virginia Beach. They are an “Embroidery” store and knew of a very similar store near me, Strawberry Sampler in Glen Mills PA. They have Tulip needles (subject of a previous post).

They have a nice variety of floss threads all along the right wall. There are 2 threads that I hadn’t seen before. Classic Colorworks Belle Soie has a nice sheen to the silk threads. And, amongst the glosses sat some Merino Wool by Weeks Dye Works available in subtle overdye colors. It’s so soft. Not fuzzy. I had to get 4 skeins. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet!

Valley Forge Quilt Show
October 20, 2018, 9:18 am
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I attended yesterday’s quilt show held every other year by the Valley Forge Quilters. It’s in the King of Prussia area. All details are available at:

It’s going all day today. Lovely group of ladies and their work is amazing! I’m glad my friend, Linda, invited me to visit. Well worth seeing.

I met Joan, whose quilt I voted for best in show. It wasn’t the biggest. But, it was the one that stood out as as being unique.

And, they sell items they made, items from their stash, and from vendors. Items can be won in raffles including a new sewing machine! Quite the event. I couldn’t believe that there was a beautiful cross stitch piece, Plum Pudding by Glendon Place. It’s perfect for my blue/purple bedroom. And, I can always use a bag.

Tulip Needles
October 4, 2018, 10:50 am
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Looking for Hiroshima Tulip Needles? Karen at Nimble Needle NJ has them. Why these needles? The Hiroshima region is known for making needles. And, the leaflet discusses their process including the finishing polish that creates the smooth passage through fabric/canvas which I can verify. I got 6 Tapestry needles in an assortment of sizes from left to right: 22, 23, 24, 25. They are nickle-plated steel with gold eyes. They are very similar to but slightly smaller than the EdMar needles. Both are very smooth and come in tubes.

My View Inside Scrim Discovery
September 17, 2018, 11:23 am
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The ladies at Scrim Discovery in Ocean City, NJ are nice to let me sit and stitch for a couple of hours as my husband golfs nearby. This is my view. Not only are bags hanging from the ceiling but canvases are thumb tacked to the ceiling! Every so often they have a ceiling sale. Not today.

I made a few thread purchases but I love a couple of the bags that I see.

Expo! at Seminar and Day 2 of Class

Last night at Expo, I picked up Jean Hilton’s Light ‘n Lacy booklet and a Bohicket Road Bag that fits all my threads from Kathy Rees’ class. She had some nice fabrics to choose from and I went with the lobster/seashell/beach theme.

Day 2 was examining design elements, stitches, and threads. I played with paper designs.

Of course, I have my own diagrams I’m playing with. Tomorrow we stitch!

Thread Play, Fun With Fur
August 12, 2018, 10:43 pm
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One of the items in a past member’s stash that continues to provide some interesting programs includes “Fun With Fur” which explores some threads and their uses. I did the first 3 exercises to share with my ANG Main Line Chapter tomorrow. We are going to continue to explore different threads as an ongoing project throughout the year.

Since stitch samples like these are not very exciting, we have a heart that we’ll break into smaller sections to stitch on with 2 different threads showcased each month.

Stop by Starbucks at 218 Lancaster Ave at 7 PM for our August 13th meeting. Here all about our plans to celebrate our 35th Anniversary as an ANG Chapter.