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Tulip Needles
October 4, 2018, 10:50 am
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Looking for Hiroshima Tulip Needles? Karen at Nimble Needle NJ has them. Why these needles? The Hiroshima region is known for making needles. And, the leaflet discusses their process including the finishing polish that creates the smooth passage through fabric/canvas which I can verify. I got 6 Tapestry needles in an assortment of sizes from left to right: 22, 23, 24, 25. They are nickle-plated steel with gold eyes. They are very similar to but slightly smaller than the EdMar needles. Both are very smooth and come in tubes.


My View Inside Scrim Discovery
September 17, 2018, 11:23 am
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The ladies at Scrim Discovery in Ocean City, NJ are nice to let me sit and stitch for a couple of hours as my husband golfs nearby. This is my view. Not only are bags hanging from the ceiling but canvases are thumb tacked to the ceiling! Every so often they have a ceiling sale. Not today.

I made a few thread purchases but I love a couple of the bags that I see.

Expo! at Seminar and Day 2 of Class

Last night at Expo, I picked up Jean Hilton’s Light ‘n Lacy booklet and a Bohicket Road Bag that fits all my threads from Kathy Rees’ class. She had some nice fabrics to choose from and I went with the lobster/seashell/beach theme.

Day 2 was examining design elements, stitches, and threads. I played with paper designs.

Of course, I have my own diagrams I’m playing with. Tomorrow we stitch!

Thread Play, Fun With Fur
August 12, 2018, 10:43 pm
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One of the items in a past member’s stash that continues to provide some interesting programs includes “Fun With Fur” which explores some threads and their uses. I did the first 3 exercises to share with my ANG Main Line Chapter tomorrow. We are going to continue to explore different threads as an ongoing project throughout the year.

Since stitch samples like these are not very exciting, we have a heart that we’ll break into smaller sections to stitch on with 2 different threads showcased each month.

Stop by Starbucks at 218 Lancaster Ave at 7 PM for our August 13th meeting. Here all about our plans to celebrate our 35th Anniversary as an ANG Chapter.

A Tip For Threads With A Twist & Tied Up With Celtic Knot
August 11, 2018, 3:12 pm
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Have you ever had threads get twisted when you stitch? Who hasn’t? Well, I heard people try and explain z twist and s twist. While I understand it, I can’t see it. Until I can see the different twists, I will use the simple tip I heard from Cleo at my EGA Brandywine Chapter meeting which is to use the thread as it comes off the skein. This means that the beginning of the thread goes in the eye of the needle. Then, cut the other end and finish with that end. I was seeing issues with Trebizond and now I’m not.

This is the beginning of the second design that has come out of my design class with Orna Willis. My paintings reminded Patrick from my ANG Chapter of a Celtic Knot. I don’t know if the stitched piece in my colors will still remind him of a Celtic Knot but that’s what I’ve called this design.

Here are the paintings.

I tried to paint in my stitched colorway but didn’t do great.

Here’s the inner area stitched (sequins and beads will be added last). I’m using Trebizond TRA 381 Orange Sherbet, 3586 Birds of Paradise, 343 Peach Sorbet, Bijout MMT 429 Jasper, Kreinik 1/16″ ribbon 2122, and Watercolours 144 Pomegranate in this inner area.

A different color of Trebizond, Bittersweet TRA 376, replaced the Orange Sherbet TRA 381 into the next surrounding area.

I love how it’s looking but it certainly isnt easy to stitch due to the nonsymmetrical features and the weaving. I could stop here and add beads and it’d be a pretty little thing but I am going to keep on going!! All these threads are from the kit that came with Orna’s class. Even after I finish this piece, I’ll have threads enough to stitch at least a third piece!

Fort Hunter Needle Art Exhibit and Half Moon Handwerks
June 8, 2018, 8:02 am
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A beautiful piece of stumpwork greeted Linda and I as we entered Fort Hunter Mansion in Harrisburg, PA. Then, we enjoyed meeting and joined Judy and Joanne from Reading, members of ANG Apple Needlepointers, for a tour of the mansion by a lovely docent. We missed you Carol T! Feel better soon.

There were so many more pieces than I expected. Because some had multiple components, there had to be close to 150 items on display. They were distributed in all the rooms. We were able to get close to them. And, there were antique pieces of needlepoint throughout the mansion too!
Participating guilds include Apple Needlepoint Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild, Molly Pitcher Stitchers, Susquehanna, Nittany Valley, York White Rose and Lancaster Red Rose chapters of the Embroiderers Guild of America. The pieces represented about 2 dozen forms of needle arts including beadwork, blackwork, canvas work/needlepoint, counted cross stitch, counted thread, crewel embroidery, goldwork, hardanger, hock swedish weaving, Japanese embroidery, lacework, petit point, pulled thread, Rozashi, surface embroidery, stumpwork, thread painting with machine, and wool felt applique.

We were allowed to take photos without flash. But, there were so many and I’m only going to post a couple of the exhibited items and a couple of vintage ones.


Pulled work. Notice that the right in all white is the same pattern as the one on the left stitched with colored threads. Thanks to the docent for pointing that out to us.

These are excellent stitchers and the participating guilds should be commended for putting on a stellar exhibit.

Antique firescreens

Vintage sewing box and tools. Having the spools draped across the front makes such an efficient use of space and is pretty.

And, we can’t go that far without stopping by Half Moon Handwerks. While Debbie helped Linda find fabulous fabrics for her quilt projects, I drooled over the Chameleon threads which I have only found here. Chameleon Threads are hand dyed in Africa and are wonderful. I especially love the Shades of Africa Two Oceans. But, they also have amazing colors in Perle 8, 12, 16 (not in this store but according to what I found online), Soie d’ Alger, Soie de Paris, Au Ver a Soie, and stranded cotton.

Rechargeable, Clamp on Light and Battery Charger
April 18, 2018, 9:09 am
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One of the benefits of attending an event like New Jersey Needle Festival is that we see people’s projects and their tools. Lori had a great rechargeable, clamp on light. It opens just wide enough for Evertite Stretcher bars and fits the interlocking wide bars easily. The brightest level of 3 is very good. It lights up the 12″ x 12″ canvas and especially the center 6″ x 6″ area where I’m stitching. It would last 4.5 hours at this level. The beam angle is 90 degrees so that it is focused and not shining in anyone’s eyes. The goose neck is flexible. It’s small and light weight. And, the bulb didn’t get a bit warm after 2 hours. I was shocked to get all this for $10.99. It recharges via a USB cord. I already had the USB wall plug portion that came with my phone.

On Amazon, search “LE Dimmable Desk Lamp, Rechargeable Clip LED Desk Lamp, 14 LEDs Gooseneck LED Portable Reading Book light, 3 Dimming Level, Touch Sensitive Table Lamp”.

We can’t bring plug in lights to ANG Seminars starting with Washington later this year. Because it only lasts 4.5 hours, it wouldn’t last a full day class. So, I’ll use the charger we bought for phone emergencies on trips. We got myCharge and a USB cable (sold separately) for approximately $25. In Amazon, search “myCharge RazorPlus 3000mAh Portable Charger With USB Port“. The USB cord that came with the light is compatible with the charger.

Now, after class, I just have to remember to recharge everything!