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Designing Geometric Sampler With Kathy Rees

I got my letter from Kathy Rees about my ANG 2018 Seminar class, Designing Geometric Samplers! And, there were 3 fantastic colorways to select. I went with ‘Bright’ which has Tahiti Watercolour as a key thread. It’ll be a fun and exciting opportunity.

After seminar last year, I was so excited about registering for her class, I tried designing a geometric piece but put it aside after selecting way too many threads for my design. Now, because I am excited again about learning how to design from another teacher, I pulled out my magnetic quilt triangles and decided to play with them. I came up with a couple of patterns.

The first 2 are symmetrical and the other 2 are not. The first one has triangles, squares, hexagons, parallelograms, and corners which would allow me to use Sandra Arthur’s Shapes of Needlepoint books, Series I and III. The colors repeat in an interesting pattern. The second has a simpler pattern but has different colorways as the pattern moves outward. The stitch patterns wouldn’t be as varied as the first unless you used scotch patterns which can be endless. My least favorite is the third one. You can’t get a good one every time. And, the fourth moves color patterns into various quadrants of different sizes with a good variety of shapes. But, it doesn’t thrill me as a design.