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ANG MLS Chapter Starts Another Year

September 9 (always the second Monday of the month from 7-9 pm) starts another year for our ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter. Please join us at Starbucks in Wayne, PA (218 Lancaster Ave). We’re excited about this year’s programs.

One of the counted projects is ANG’s Stitch of the Month (SOTM) from 1999, Barbara’s Patchwork. I selected threads that DMC calls Topaz (Color A) and Raspberry (Color B). We need each in light, medium, and dark values. I got an extra value of Topaz just because I might want it. We’re getting instructions each month. So, I’ll wait and see if I want to add a Kreinik for some sparkle. This will be a 5″ x 5″ design area.

The second counted project that 8 people signed up for is my design (6″ x 6″), Crescent Journey. Linda stitched a “Neutral” colorway as she proofread what I wrote up for directions as I stitched a “Beach” colorway. It’s a 43-page booklet with about 60 diagrams. Now, these folks are my first pilot class! One of the most interesting things we learned from this piece is how different values in different areas of the piece make the focal point change. The grayscale really helps show this. I’m excited to see how everyone’s choices of colors work. At least 3 people are changing some or all the threads. This too is a monthly project. I divided it into 12 parts.

The third project is a painted canvas, Vases with Curly Bamboo by Sharon G. It was from a class that several of us took with Sharon at Nimble Needle of NJ a few years ago (2012) and never finished. We have stitch guides to compare including those written by Sharon G, Amy Bunger, and Tony Minieri. This will be discussed every other month to give people a chance to stitch a vase before discussing the next one. The last month we’ll review the background and border. My first vase was done (March 2017) following the Sharon G stitch guide. The little bits done on the other vases was done in class. I’m so glad we’re going to get back to this canvas. Loved it then and still do. Even if everyone is not stitching this, we are learning how different stitch guide writers approach the same painted canvas. We are not copying the stitch guides. Each person has their own or can take notes regarding the other stitch guides.

Vase 1 of 5 Vases by Sharon G
March 15, 2017, 8:17 pm
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Vases by SharonG began in 2012 with my Mainline Chapter from a Saturday summer class which 7 of us took at Nimble Needle  in NJ from Sharon. We all voted on what canvas to stitch so that we could work through the stitch guide during the 1-day class. For me, this came too close after the other SharonG class I had taken & too soon before the 2012 seminar in Philly to permit me any time to work on it. But, I absolutely love the canvas.  And, since I want to stitch on painted canvases this year, I started working on it again. I can’t believe it has been almost 5 years since the class.

Sharon’s stitch guide allows canvas to show through.  It’s a beautiful canvas so I am glad the shading of the painting will be seen too. It was a lot of diamond rays to stitch on Vase 1 or the Green vase but it turned out nicely. The painted shading was enhanced by Gloriana that had some color change in the thread but not too much. And, I love working with Bijoux, my new favorite thread. The feathers took a couple of attempts before I felt like they were realistic.

Vase 1