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For quite some time now I’ve had my ANG Main Line Chapter name tag stitched but not finished. Now that I’ve joined the EGA Brandwine Chapter, I stitched their name tag. So, I finished both yesterday. One was on Aida (EGA) and the other (ANG) on canvas. I went through my finishing supplies and found Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse. It’s a roll of 5/8″ permanent adhesive. I mitered the corners, pressed the tape across the back, and applied ultrasuede to the back. I bought a package of 10 pieces of various colors from Adorn by Orna’s website quite some time ago. They are each about 3″ x 5″. It’s not easy to find ultrasuede in a variety of colors and in small amounts. And, it’s so soft and not too thick so you can get a needle through it had I decided to use a binding stitch to attach it.

The EGA one has a pin clasp attached. And, I bought the lanyard from Trish Vine also quite some time ago. I sent her a picture of the ANG name tag and asked her to match the colors. She found the perfect fabric. It reminds me of train tracks and a conductor! We are lucky to have Trish in our ANG Keystone Garden Chapter. That reminds me, I don’t recall ever getting a pattern for their name badge. Only EGA requires that we wear one. I have the ANG Golden Needle Society name badge left to stitch. Here they are.


ANG Main Line Stitchers Name Tag
January 2, 2015, 12:04 pm
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Although I have been a member of the ANG Main Line Stitchers for years (since about 2003), I just finished our chapter name tag.

I was told since we meet near a suburban train line that runs into Philadelphia, that’s how they came up with the design.

MLS Name Tag


I’ll be “finishing” this one myself. When I cleaned up, I found the necessary instructions & supplies except for ultrasuede which I just ordered from eBay.