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Silk Luster Leaf Exercise Kit

When I saw Karen at Nimble Needle had a Silk Luster Leaf Exercise Kit at the 2018 New Jersey Needle Festival, I didn’t know why I needed it but now I do. This works right in with a thread project that I started in October for my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter.

Access Commodities has an instructional booklet on their website to go with the kit. The kit contains Trebizond, Soie d’Alger, Soie de Paris, Soie Gobelins, Soie 100/3, and Soie Perlee. Threads are all green. First, I made the outline using my “Purple Pen” with disappearing ink. I had carefully cut out the stem and the veins from a paper copy and used it like a stencil. That looked good. So, I used my ZIG Fabricolor green marker that I got in a previous class. Easy! The threads are green and I’ll be sure to cover the lines anyway.

Both the slipperier the thread and the more strands needed (3 or 4) for proper coverage made it harder to lay the threads. Working with Soie d’ Alger was the easiest. I’ll probably finish the leaf on a long wrapped wire and place in a bowl of artificial flowers.

silk luster leaf

Join us Monday, February 11 at 7 PM in the conference room at Starbucks in Wayne (218 Lancaster Ave). I’ll be sharing 2 new threads.


Patchwork of Peace, Row 10 White

The part I like best about stitching this piece is having so many small areas to stitch which allows me to experiment with different thread combinations within a single square and I’m getting to stitch patterns I’ve never stitched before.

So far, my two favorite combinations are the first square on the right in the bottom row I just finished (Grounding):

and third row from the top fourth square in from the right (Escalator):

Starting with the block on the right (#1) moving to the left (#19), I used the following threads:

1 – Soie Perlee SPS694 and Au Ver A Soie 100/3 Blanc

2 – DMC Perle #8 B5200, Treasure Braid Petite PB10 (2 strands), and Wildflowers 000

3 – Designer’s Dream D02 and Soie Cristale 0057 (2 strands)

4 – Wildflowers 118 and Silk Lame Braid Petite SP100

5 – Soie Perlee SPS694 and Pashmina 261

6 – Elegance E800 and Sparkle Braid SK06

7 – Wildflowers 000

8 – Wildflowers 100 and DMC Floche Blanc

9 – Soie Cristale 0057 (2 strands)

10 – Pashmina 261 and Kreinik #8 Braid 102

11 – Bella Lusso 001

12 – Wildflowers 000 and DMC Perle #12 B5200

13 – Gloriana 261, Elegance E800, and Sparkle Braid SK06

14 – DMC Perle #8 B5200

15 – Wildflowers 118 and Soie Cristale 0057 (2 strands)

16 – Subtlety Y899

17 – Designer’s Dream D02 and Silk Lame Braid Petite SP100

18 – Burmilana 3845 and Bella Lusso 001

19 – DMC Floche Blanc

I finished my 12″ square design from the class with Kathy Rees (it goes to the framer, then to exhibit at Seminar, then it’ll get posted on my blog). There are still enough threads to stitch another small design. But, it’s not enough threads to warrent storage in my Bohicket Road bag. So, I moved my white/ecru threads into it. Fantastic bag! And, it made organizing fun.

Row 10 white stitched:

Beautiful Project Bags for Another Crescent Journey Colorway

I finally recovered from a month long viral head cold to visit people this past weekend. We made up for lost time. I took multiple pieces to our monthly ANG Stitch-In Time sessions (please join us at Starbucks on Lancaster Ave in Wayne, PA on the 4th Saturday 10-2 through April). We had another great turnout. From there Bill & I headed to Delaware for a birthday party where I shared my needlepoint exploits (one is also a stitcher) and on Sunday got together with Linda, my stitching buddy.

Linda and I exchanged gifts belatedly. I am fortunate to be the recipient of her first attempts at new patterns. You’d never guess that by looking at anything I’ve gotten so far. And, these 2 project bags are no exception. The bags have beautifully coordinating colors, a zipper closure, a see through plastic front, and a handle! The backs are quilted. Stunning.

I just put one of my current projects, another colorway of Crescent Journey. The threads fit perfectly in the small bag. This colorway looks fantastic in these bags! Thanks again Linda. This is also the project that Linda is proofreading my instructions as she stitches a third colorway.

Patchwork of Peace, Row 8 White
January 21, 2019, 9:29 am
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Hate to admit it but I stitched some adjacent to the previous row again. At least this time, it was only a partial of the first block. I wrote a note on row 10 instructions to skip a row to remind me when I pick it up again.

Even though there were more blocks in this row, it seemed to stitch up quicker.

Starting with the block on the right (#1) moving to the left (#19), I used the following threads:

1 – Elegance E800 and Au Ver A Soie 100/3 (2 strands)

2 – Gloriana 261 (2 strands) and Burmillana 3845

3 – Designer’s Dream 002 and DMC #12 Ecru

4 – Wildflowers 000 and Pashmina 261

5 – Soie Cristale 0057 (2 strands) and Treasure Braid Petite PB10

6 – DMC #8 B5200, DMC #12 B5200, and DMC Floche Blanc

7 – Wildflowers 118 and DMC #12 Ecru

8 – Pashmina 000, DMC Floche Blanc, and Soie Cristale 0057 (2 strands)

9 – Wildflowers 100 and Kreinik #4 032C

10 – Wildflowers 000

11 – Soie Cristale 0057 (2 strands) and Designer’s Dream D02

12 – Bella Lusso 001 and DMC Floche Blanc

13 – Wildflowers 000

14 – Silk Lame Braid Petite SP100 and Pashmina 000

15 – Elegance E800 and Wildflowers 118

16 – DMC #8 B5200 and Au Ver A Soie Blanc

17 – Burmilana 3845 and Subtlety Y899

18 – Bella Lusso 001

19 – DMC Floche Blanc and Treasure Braid Petite PB10

Winter Scene Sleigh with Sky and Trees Stitched
January 17, 2019, 2:53 pm
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A few of my ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter members are stitching this Alice Peterson canvas, Winter Scene Sleigh. We’re using the painted canvas as a learning experience as we’ve been doing with other painted canvas. We discuss the differences between two stitch guides.

We all agreed that a non-directional stitch for the sky would be good. So, I went with Parisian. Even though the stitches are placed vertically on the canvas, it is non directional because of staggered placement. A couple of others are going to use alternating continental with 2 threads which will allow some canvas to show through.

The trees are stitched with Trio (T02-white) in Double Stitch which was a stitch recommended for tree trunks in Stitches For Effect by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson.

For the sky, I used Caron Waterlilies 74 Storm Clouds which is an overdyed thread with blue-green/grey portions. And, I used the greener area in the center and then reversed the direction of the threads in the outer areas to get a little more blue. Using 2 plies allowed the color of the canvas to show through a little. It’s subtle but I can see the difference.

I’ll have fun going through my stash looking for threads for the packages.


Broken Heart
December 24, 2018, 1:58 pm
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Here’s another heart that I will call Broken Heart for two reasons. At this time of year, I always remember the wonderful people, family and friends, that are no longer here to share in the holidays. So many good times bringing bittersweet emotions.

I made up stitches as I went along. There are 2 halves of a heart on each side pointing outward which is why I named it, Broken Heart. I’m still using Planet Earth Silk threads from Coffee Cups included here are Midnight 102, Port V171, Burgundy 170, and Lettuce V052.

Best wishes to all of you this holiday season as you go about visiting folks and making new memories!

Patchwork of Peace, Row 4 White
December 15, 2018, 1:13 pm
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I was trying to stitch a block a day. But, I ran into a snag. You may be able to see where I had to remove blocks 1 through 9 in between the 2 white rows. Yes, it took me 9 blocks to realize that I didn’t skip a row for the red stripe. At least I didn’t finish the row and the blocks restitched faster the second time around.

Starting with the block on the right (#1) moving to the left (#11), I used the following threads:

1 – Wikdflowers 000 and 118

2 – DMC #8 B5200, DMC Floche Blanc, and Kreinik 032C

3 – Wildflowers 000 and Soie Perlee 694

4 – Gloriana 0057 and Silk Lame Braid Petite SP100

5 – Pashmina 000 and Elegance E800

6 – Bella Lusso 001 and DMC Floche Blanc

7 – Pashmina 261 and DMC #8 Ecru

8 – Trebizond 125

9 – Burmillana 3845 and Au Ver A Soie

10 – Wildflowers 118 and Elegance E800

11 – Wildflowers 000 and Gloriana 261