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Santa’s Row

Here’s Santa’s row – they are so cute together hanging in the hallway. The one on the left is my Santacicle by Janet Casey Ziegler from a class at my first ANG seminar.

Linda’s Snow Globe Santa by Janet Casey Ziegler is in the center.

Peg Dunayer’s Triangle Santa ornament from Needlepoint Now (Nov/Dec 2007) was finished through Nimble Needle and I absolutely love it! The sparkles just make it a little more special. My ANG Keystone Garden Chapter stitched as a project in 2014 and when I got it back I forgot to post it too – been slipping on my blog.


Wishing one and all a happy holiday and a healthy New Year!!


Snow Globe Santa, a Christmas Basket, and Pillowcases

This Snow Globe Santa by Janet Casey Ziegler was stitched by Linda from my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter. I was thrilled when she gave it to me last Christmas but I forgot to place it on my blog. So, here it is for posting this Christmas!

2016-06-09 10.20.15

And, I was just as happy to get a Christmas Basket this year from Linda. Yes, she’s also a beautiful sewer.


I did make pillowcases for a charity, Ryan’s Cases for Smiles, earlier this year. Linda helped me with them too because it had been 40 years since I’d used a sewing machine. The two we made are in the upper left corner of the picture. Then, I made 2 more at our Community Day at work using a regular machine and a surger. It was fun. One of the women in my group enjoyed the event so much that she is getting a sewing machine for Christmas. Linda kept her eyes open for sales & found a great deal from Steve’s in King of Prussia, the Anna model, half off for just $200 and a great machine for a beginner. It almost makes me want to take up sewing!!


But, I have tons of needlepoint projects started and ideas of my own that I want to work on and 3 big events with classes coming in 2017. Linda and I are both attending Blue Bonnet for Toni Gerdes’ classes Fire & Ice and Bronze Purse in February and Nashville Needleworks in April with Laura Taylor for Embracing Horses. Then, I will take a 4-day canvas embellishment class at ANG Seminar in Anaheim with Cynthia Thomas after taking her Creating Diagrams and Stitch Guides using Microsoft Office class. I didn’t forget about my husband, Bill. We’re extending each trip to take in local sites. And, we have a non-needlepoint train trip across Canada planned for July-August (actually, I will stitch but no classes). We’ll be married 30 years in Oct 2017 – lots of fun times ahead!

ANG Keystone Garden Chapter Mystery Project, Completed
December 14, 2016, 9:51 am
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Completed the mystery project, Keystone Garden Patch! It was designed by Tony Minieri for the chapter many years ago. It’s nice that is was recycled because many of us were not here then. It’s been fun watching it grow monthly since February.

I decided to mount it on a Rosewood gift box (8″ x 6″ x 2″) that I ordered from An extra finishing edge (binding stitch) was added so that I could cut right up to the needlepoint. I used an acid-free mounting board with a sticky side. And, I finally got out my glue gun to attach it to the box. Glad I practiced because the glue dries fast. It was my gift for our shuffleboard group and Janice ended up with it. And, she sent me a wonderful thank you note. I’m so glad that she appreciated it.



ANG Keystone Garden Chapter Mystery Project

By adding the 2 outer rows as final borders, we are almost done with the mystery project at my ANG Keystone Garden Chapter.  But, there is something mysterious that will “be revealed” next month before we finish. Hmmmm.

Wednesday night at our meeting, I got the first border done and last night I added the outermost border. And, thanks to the longest 9-inning post-season game in major league baseball history, I added beads in the 2 large diamonds.  They were optional but I liked that they made the top bluer and the bottom greener than the threads alone. I was worried about the top having more beads than the bottom and being top heavy. But, the bottom green ones are larger Mill Hill Beads and the top blue ones are smaller seed beads from Beads By Blanche (via Trish V who purged her stash last year). Of course, I could always turn it upside down had it been top heavy. I think it is looking great!


ANG Keystone Garden Chapter Mystery Project, July
July 27, 2016, 3:50 pm
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July was clean up month with backstitches to highlight the diamonds. I love the colors.

Mystery July

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Beaded Needle Case, Completed
July 24, 2016, 6:04 pm
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It’s got issues but it’s done! A bibliography suggests other beaded needle case patterns by Jennie Might and Amy Loh-Kuyser. But, you won’t see me trying this again.

It took several tries to get the cap started. By the time I was getting the hang of it, I figured out that I had forgotten to follow the pattern. I used too many blue beads and finished with a row of white ones.

Bead top

Then, I took 2 tries to get the dozen rows to be close enough. Yes, I just wanted to be done with it. So, here’s the area that looks the worst (the cap is pointed towards the bottom right).

Mushy beads

But, from another angle,  it looks better. And, I am happy that I tried it. I certainly will appreciate and understand the efforts of others when I see theirs.

Bead cap, finished

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Beaded Needle Case
July 24, 2016, 7:40 am
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My ANG Keystone Garden Chapter offered a “beginner” tubular/circular peyote project, a beaded needle case.

I am having some learning curve! I waited too long after the first meeting to continue on with the rows. So, I got a second lesson at our next meeting.  Then, at the next meeting, got a third lesson on just the base. I didn’t get off to a good start (left on the picture below) but put it away and decided that I must have pulled everything too tight to start. So, I gave it another try as I can not give up on this! And, am so happy that it worked (right on the picture below).

Bead base

And, it’s attached. That part was easy and rewarding to see that part finished. Today, I tackle the cap!

Base attached