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Little Red Flower Sandal Kit
July 31, 2013, 8:20 pm
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I went in Stitch Haus for a thread for my Crescent River on my way home from work today and walked out with a pair of sandals!

The sandals and 16 mesh canvas (BF413) are designed by Birds of a Feather and were on sale (more than on sale, on deep discount). Initially, I thought they fit me but now I realize they are too small (size 39 European or an 8 in US). I really didn’t think of them for me anyway. I wanted to stitch something for the auction for next year’s seminar.

So, if you are an 8, just you wait – these will aid your gait!

Little Red Flower Sandals

In case you didn’t see my blog Tuesday, my husband, Bill Glavin, is one of the finalists for this week’s The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest!! Please vote for his caption (golfer walking into operating room, contest #388) at:

Crescent River, Flowers Growing Wild
July 31, 2013, 8:15 pm
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The ‘flowers’ are growing wild on the left side of the river. I say wild because there is a slight deviation from the diamond eyelet pattern that I began using from The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen. First, I didn’t use the frame stitch but that’s not what I’m talking about. I was trying to blend the light portion of Watercolours Sierra 222 into the Rye 223 but I got confused on the pattern. Can you find the “wild” flowers? And, I just realized that when I first stitched them, I followed the diagram fine. But, after I put it away and went back to it a few days later, I put all stitches into the center hole. Now I know why it was harder to stitch the second batch of flowers! Oh well.

Wild Flowers

I thought that I was going to be done with this piece but there will be one more thread added. Those of you in ANG Yahoo Group will have an idea of what thread I will be using. More later.

In case you didn’t see my blog Tuesday, my husband, Bill, is one of the finalists for this week’s The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest!! Please vote for his caption (golfer walking into operating room, contest #388) at:

Please vote for my husband’s caption in The New Yorker
July 30, 2013, 1:29 pm
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My husband, Bill, is one of the finalists for this week’s The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest!!

Please vote for his caption (golfer walking into operating room, contest #388) at:

You do need to register to vote but you won’t get emails from them – I have been registered and not gotten any. When you do register do not select a password with any symbols and use dashes for your phone number. It won’t take long – promise!

Thanks for your support!!


P.S. Normally, I do not stray far from needlepoint-related blogs but this is just so exciting!!

Ort Box, Finished and Ready for Seminar
July 27, 2013, 8:50 am
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I am thrilled that I finally finished the Ort Box! At least 2 others from ANG Main Line Stitchers are mailing ours in for the special exhibit at Seminar.

I must admit I had quite a time with the bottom. I used a suede of some sort but it was fraying & had to turn a small edge. The tough part was connecting it to the sides. The holes seemed to shift out of alignment but I did it! After that, I took a short cut & used felt with adhesive for the triangles. But, the binding stitching has gotten easier with each side edge probably because the lining isn’t sewed in like the bottom. I used 2 threads of Wildflowers, Firecracker (154), an overdyed red,white, and blue thread. And, it took all but 24 inches of the 36 yards! That’s a lot of binding!

Ort Box, Finished

A Pen for Bill
July 25, 2013, 9:40 pm
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I stitched Bill a small change purse that he uses to keep his tees in and he likes that. But, I wanted to stitch something more for him. So, I picked up this Stitch-A-Pen by Kreinik for his birthday. He loves pens and is picky about the ink and how it writes! Parker’s are not his favorite but I think he’ll probably use it.

I just went with the design that came with the pen. It’ll be like Christmas in July! And, snow and trees are universally pleasing to men and women. He should like it. It worked up very quickly and was easy to assemble. With only 3 threads, can you believe I accidentally used the pearl for the trees and by the time I figured out what I’d done, I wasn’t going to switch it. And, I actually like it better. The trees are more noticeable and the snow flakes are more shimmery and delicate! Serendipity.

This makes a great gift (not too expensive and not too much time to stitch)-don’t tell Bill. The pen is refillable and useful. Just a satisfied customer sharing my thoughts.

Now, I just hope Bill likes it!

Pen kit

Pen front

Pen back

Ort Box, Construction In Progress
July 21, 2013, 9:38 pm
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Well,  I am finally constructing the Ort Box (subject of previous logs). A couple of others in my chapter finished it too. And, we plan on sending them to Seminar in CA. We need to send them out by Aug 22 in order to get there in time. Did you participate? I’m curious to find out how many get sent. I’m sure someone will get a photo (I’m not going to seminar) – it’ll be cool to see them!

This binding stitch is new for me & it took some getting used to but I finally got the hang of it. It shifts slightly and so it is important to keep the proper holes aligned. It took me hours today to get just the bottom attached!

Ort Box, bottom attached

A Berlin Work Cardinal, ANG Seminar Pilot Class with Susan Hoekstra

This class will be rescheduled. More information will be provided at a later date.

Please join Main Line Stitchers on Saturday DATE TBD from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm for:

A Berlin Work Cardinal an ANG Seminar Pilot Class with Susan Hoekstra

Susan Hoekstra is a needlepoint designer and teacher (for the picture, please go to Susan organizes and participates in The New Jersey and New England Needle Festivals, is currently enrolled in the ANG master teacher program at the Senior Master level, and is piloting this for the 2014 ANG Seminar in Chicago.

‘A Berlin Work Cardinal’ offers a chance for the needleworker to work with a variety of Berlin Work specialty stitches in this one day, Intermediate Advanced class. This quintessential Illinois design focuses on the Cardinal and circles around to include the indigenous violets done in Raised work. The focal point of the Cardinal helps your eye flow around the piece to encompass the tree branches, trunk and violets. The fluidity of the branches creates movement within the piece.

There are two types of threads used in this piece in order to maintain historical accuracy – silk and merino wool. ‘A Berlin Work Cardinal’ is stitched on 18-count canvas measuring 12″ x 14″. The finished size of this delightful piece is approximately 11″ x 8 3/4”, including the cross stitch border.

Class Fee/Details: Class cost is $20 which covers the cost of the room and travel expenses (Susan kindly waived the teaching fee). This portion is non-refundable unless the class is cancelled. Once 25 students enroll, the cost will drop to $10 (cash refund at class). You may find a substitute to take your place in class. Please arrive at 8 am to get set up.

Kit cost is $70 which includes the instructions, threads, and 18-count white mono canvas with design drawn on canvas. If you can’t attend, you will NOT get the kit. Please bring cash or check (made out to Susan Hoekstra) to pay for the kit at class.

A deposit of $20 (non-refundable) is required to reserve your spot.

Register Now:       Make your check for the $20 deposit out to Melita Glavin and mail it to: 4331 I Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124. Please include your contact information (email and phone number). You must pay for the kit at class by cash or check.

Location:   St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. GPS: 203 North Valley Forge Road, Devon, PA; Free parking

Lunch for students is not included. To replicate the ANG Seminar experience for Susan, we will have a 2-hour break for lunch (class runs from 8:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:30). You may bring your own lunch, we can order ahead and get take out from Primo’s Hoagies, or you may go wherever you want for lunch (such as nearby Minella’s). Not everyone will have to do the same thing for lunch!

Proficiency Level: Intermediate Skill Level; Pre-stitching Required: None

Guild Membership: Not required to be a member of ANG or the ANG Main Line Chapter

Please note: Students must supply their own stretcher bars (one set of 12” and one set of 14”), laying tool, regular stitching supplies (scissors), and lighting/magnifier/frame weight/stand if desired. Please arrive at 8 am to get set up. We are expecting as many as 30 people to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to pilot this ANG Seminar course.

Questions:       Please contact Melita Glavin at

This is on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, register now to learn this technique!

On behalf of ANG MLS Board, we look forward to seeing you in September!