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Rehoboth Beach Museum’s Third Annual Needlecraft Exhibit
May 5, 2013, 10:53 pm
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Bill & I attended our first but the Rehoboth Beach Museum’s Third Annual Needlecraft Exhibit this weekend. It was a beautiful weekend. I can’t post pictures from the exhibit. So, I’ll just share a couple of the area. This was our second trip to the area – very pretty, good food, nice area to walk around & shop (for Christmas gifts). There were a few good buys from the outlet shops too! But, this is about the needlework (although I didn’t get to do any stitching) . . .

I wish I could have gone for the discussion of famous tapestries (in April). But, I am glad to seen the pieces. This is a judged event and included beadwork, canvaswork/needlepoint, counted thread (blackwork, cross stitch, drawn thread, hardanger), sampler, embroidery, heirloom sewing, lace, and miniature. I saw award-winning work from the 3 ANG DE Seashore ladies that I know (I am sure I met more of the exhibitors about 2 years ago for the class I took with their chapter but I can’t recall all the names). All the work was wonderful.

Some of the pieces that drew my particular attention were:
– first place beadwork pieces: a flashy fish with an open mouth (that was lined) by Shirley H. & a geometric purse by Nancy T.
– first place canvaswork by Brenda C which was a trio of Carol Lake’s ‘Anasazi Song’, ‘Anasazi Dream’, and ‘Anasazi Spirit’ – was knockout
– first & third place pieces in embroidery were the same pieces incorporating stumpwork and silk ribbons to create 12 flower & butterfly motifs. Each one (by Jill N & Shirley H) was slightly different. We had to keep walking back & forth to see the subtle differences. Very cool.
– one of two first place miniature ribbons went to Theresa B for her 7-piece German sewing kit which included a wooden box with a stitched insert, a roll, a scissors sheath, 2 biscornu, a bookmark, and a needle case.
– first & third went to Geri W for her mixed media work on ‘Berkshire Revisited’ which was an ANG Seminar class taught by Debbie Stiehler in Philly and ‘Summer Celebrations’, a red white blue group of square designs.
– honorable mention for Roseanne J was of particular interest – I have got to do a grape design at some point & that was a pretty one, ‘Harvest Time’ a Laura Perin Cyberclass.

Even though they didn’t win ribbons, I was enjoyed seeing the 40th Anniversary heart by Brenda C in person. And, I finally saw the Needlework Studio piece stitched. I have a copy of it but am not sure where I got it – was it given to us at seminar in 2010 in Ohio?

And, it was so much fun to meet up with Brenda C & her husband for dinner. They selected a nice restaurant – great way to spend the evening. Looking forward to getting back to the area and meeting up again with them.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend including the view from our balcony (too windy to sit on it), Midway Par 3 golf course (which is a favorite of Tony Kornheiser from ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption (PTI), and a Civil War Baseball game from Dover Days in Dover, DE.

A view from our balcony

Midway Par 3 Golf

Civil War Baseball

Craft Events Calendar
May 2, 2013, 11:55 am
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Dover Days will be going on this coming weekend during our trip to the final weekend of Rehoboth Beach Historical Society and Museum’s Needlework Exhibit in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Finding a Civil War Era Baseball Game at Dover Days and golfing at Midway Par 3 Golf in Lewes, DE has made Bill very happy about the weekend! And, we are meeting up with Brenda C & her husband for dinner Saturday night – that’ll be fun! With the great weather we are having, it should be a fantastic weekend. The only problem is going to be the pollen – it is wicked here in Philly – maybe going south & getting closer to the ocean will help.

So, the reason for this entry is because I almost missed Dover Days. I finally had the brilliant idea to create a list of the events that are interesting and within driving range for me. I am constantly looking for items to put in our newsletter called “Upcoming Local Events”. And, it dawned on me that I am recreating the wheel even for the regular events. Then, I thought maybe some of you might be coming to area and I should post it here as well. Do check for all the details on the websites I provided. I am not associated in any way with any of these events nor do I take responsibility if dates shift. If the links don’t work, please do a google search to locate the event.

I’ll keep adding to the list. And, if you do visit, let’s do dinner! Safe travels & enjoy!!

February 23: Central PA Gathering of Fiber and Needlework Guilds in Harrisburg, PA;

March 1-31 (closed Tuesday): Annual Needlework Exhibition at Woodlawn in Alexandria, VA;
March 23-24, 27-29: Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers’ Celebration of Fibers in Philadelphia (Manayunk section);
March 23-May 5: Rehoboth Beach Historical Society and Museum’s Needlework Exhibit in Rehoboth Beach, DE;

April 6-7: Reading-Berks Guild of Craftsmen Spring Fine Arts & Craft Festival in Kutztown, PA;
April 13-15: Antiques Show in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Convention Center);
April 27: New Jersey Needle Festival in Bedminster, NJ;

May 3-4 Haverford Guild of Craftsmen Spring Show in Ardmore, PA;
May 3-5 Dover Days Festival in Dover DE;
May 10-12: PA Guild Fine Craft Fair in Philadelphia (Rittenhouse Square);
May 11: White Horse Farm’s Farm & Fiber Shearing Day & Craft Show in Newtown Square, PA;

June 1-2: Fine Art & Contemporary Craft Show in Lahaska, PA (Peddler’s Village);
June 22-23: Manayunk Arts Festival in Philadelphia (Main Street);

July 27-28: PA Guild Fine Craft Fair in Wilmington, DE;

August 8-10: PA Dutch Festival in Philadelphia (Reading Terminal Market);
August 17: Great Eastern Shore Tomato Festival including Hyla Hurley of The Point of It All Designs (Vienna, Maryland);
August 17-18: Craft & Fine Arts Festival in Collingswood, NJ;
August 24-25: Pocono State Craft Festival in Stroudsburg, PA; 570-476-4460
August 31: Arden Fair in Wilmington, DE;
August 31-Sept 1: Heart of Lancaster Arts and Craft Show in Manheim, PA;

September 19-22: PA National Quilt Extravaganza in Oaks, PA (Greater Philadelphia Expo Center);
September 28-29: Outdoor Arts & Crafts Festival in New Hope, PA;

October 11-13: PA Guild Fine Craft Fair in Philadelphia (Rittenhouse Square);;
October 12: Harvest Festival in Philadelphia (Reading Terminal Market);
October 25-27: Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Somerset, NJ;

November 1-3: Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Oaks, PA (Greater Philadelphia Expo Center);
November 2: Scrapplefest in Philadelphia (Reading Terminal Market);
November 2-3: Apple Festival in Lahaska, PA (Peddler’s Village);
November 2-3: Reading-Berks Guild of Craftsmen Holiday Fine Arts & Craft Festival in Kutztown, PA;
November 9-10: PA Guild Fine Craft Fair in Lancaster, PA;
November 7-10: Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Convention Center);
November 22-December 8: Willow’s Mansion Holiday Show is now Hill Top House Craft Show (new venue) in Devon, PA (570 Beaumont Road, 267-885-8298);

Call for dates/times: Holiday Store in Stroudsburg, PA; 570-476-4460

February 22: Central PA Gathering of Fiber and Needlework Guilds in Harrisburg, PA;
February 28-March 2: Designer Craftsmen Show in Philadelphia;

March 6-9: Quilt Fest of NJ in Somerset;

April 26: New Jersey Needle Festival in (To Be Determined), NJ;

June 10-14: SCR Seminar in Baton Rogue;

Woodlawn Roadtrip 2013
March 19, 2013, 3:51 pm
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My husband, Bill, & I attended the 50th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition on Sunday, March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – our 4th year in a row now. There were over 600 pieces again! It runs through March 31 – you still have plenty of time to go & is always worth the trip. The restoration work done on the windows looks wonderful.

Woodlawn Rose Paper Weight

Nelly’s Needlers did a fantastic job again this year. They have several raffles running this year & lots of wonderful items to buy – all to support upkeep of Woodlawn, the home of Eleanor Custis Lewis.  I got the paperweight you see in the picture. It is an adaptation of the Woodlawn Rose stitched by Eleanor Custis Lewis, one of America’s foremost needleworkers. The exhibition honors her legacy by maintaining the tradition of the needle arts and by raising funds to preserve her estate.

I submitted the Poppy Field, Santacicle, and Catherine Jordan class project Ruby Keepsake Box that I did at Seminar – but none won ribbons – oh well. As I stood looking at the Poppy Field (on a table to your right on the way into the lunch room), a woman was saying something complimentary about a piece in the general area of mine. So, I asked which one caught her eye & it was mine! So, I answered her questions about the piece & felt just as good as if I had won a ribbon. With so many beautiful pieces, the judges must have a hard time awarding ribbons. I will describe some of the other pieces that I saw but you can’t take pictures (unless it is of your own piece) nor are any online but I will do my best to describe some of the pieces that caught my eye.

Catherine Jordan did her dimensional surface embroidery again but with a compact case (piece #1). The top lid had been removed and in its place were stitched sky and trees landscape. You could see space between the trees and above the ground and below the sky. Very pretty & won 2nd place ribbon. Her small Woodlawn House notebook cover was a fantastic depiction of the house and won a 50th Anniversary Special ribbon (piece #2). The blackwork is Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) in which she draws a design first and then needlework is based on the drawing and appears to me to be 3 dimensional (piece #3). Very unique and not surprisingly won a 1st place ribbon. The landscape scene done on a book cover had a stained glass effect and got an Honorable Mention ribbon (piece #4). And, the map of the United States also was 3 dimensional with elevated mountain ranges (piece #5). It won a 1st place ribbon. Bill & I think it was at the Philly ANG seminar as well. All in all, Catherine did some lovely work as always & was duly recognized! All of her pieces & my Ruby Keepsake Box are on the first floor in a room opposite from the Christmas room – on the right as you first enter – I almost missed that room.

I saw Pieces of Eight done by E Karper (piece #29 upstairs) – one of the things I love about these exhibits are seeing the variety of colors for pieces that I have also stitched.

There were 3 beautiful beaded projects (pieces #32 and #33 by K Biggs and #34 by a different K Biggs in an upstairs room) two of which won 2nd place ribbons. They were various Hilton stitches. The brown & pink one was very interesting with 4 overlapping diamonds placed vertically on the canvas.

While in the sampler room, I noticed several samplers (traditional and counted cross stitch) from the Delaware Valley Historical Sampler Guild (DVHSG) including J Toy (pieces #140 and #141 winning 3rd and 2nd place ribbons, respectively), KA Muhlbaier (pieces #142 and #143 the first one winning Honorable Mention), T Baird (piece #144 winning a 1st place ribbon), and K Read (piece #156 winning 1st place ribbon). The pieces done by D Shiozawa (piece #159) and L Davis (piece #166) got Honorable Mention. And, there were entries from P Lerch (piece #520) and S Dryburgh who submitted 3 pieces in 3 different classes, including drawn thread (pieces #167, #168, #169). The scissors/pins box done by S Stinson was very well done and interesting (piece #158 located in the Catherine Jordan room). I was thrilled for them especially after having had 2 of the members attend our ANG Chapter a couple of years ago to give us a presentation. Then, when we went back through the sampler room there were a few of the members visiting the exhibit – one of whom was Sally, one of the women who spoke to our group. What wonderful timing – we had a nice chat!!

I believe D Schratwieser submitted Lois Kershner’s design Naoshima Sunset and won Honorable Mention (piece #216).

Seeing the 2 punchneedle pieces by B Personette reminded me of the 2 pieces that I have sitting in a “To Do” drawer – I really liked the pears and the sheep won Honorable Mention (pieces #227 and #228, respectively). I want to learn that technique.

M Beck had several award winners but I was especially impressed with the finishing of the 4 ornaments (piece #320, a 2nd place winner). There were 4 individual square blue, gold, and white ornaments mounted on a large display board. The slightly thinner braid lining on the outside edge of the individual ornaments matched the slightly thicker braid on the outside edge of the larger display board – subtle touch! It appeared that the individual ornaments were held in place by a decorative push-pin and could be removed – very clever!

There were 5 very colorful women characters that reminded me of Melissa Shirley’s designs done by P Bender (pieces # 330-334).

R Hirschfelt won another 1st place ribbon for her original design, Seasons of Love: The Pieces of My Life (piece #508 located in the Catherine Jordan room). It is the white and gold heart-shaped piece stitched in pieces like a puzzle. You may remember that from the Philly ANG Seminar. If not, it is in the Jan 2013 Needle Pointers magazine. Very clever!!

Having done a lot of cross stitch, I was very impressed with the clock done in black and white cross stitch with gray and beige shading by M Shwimer (piece #536). But, my People’s Award vote was for the scene of a house and trees depicted at an angle in front of a lane done with brown thread on a beige canvas stitched by S Jordan (piece #654). I think the pointallism effect developed by Georges Seurat is fascinating. Even though there are not different colors, I think this is still similar in that it is small, distinct dots (cross stitches) are applied in patterns to form an image. My husband, Bill, voted for the counted cross stitch flowers that won 1st place (piece #624) and stitched by a senior stitcher (70+). I am not sure if that was considered petite point but the thread count had to be very high – it was done on linen & very fine. Between the thread count and the numbers of colors – it was a good choice to vote for – beautifully done.

Speaking of shading, there was another striking piece with pinks and grays stitched by C Rapisarda that had a few beads in a geometric pattern with some Hilton stitches (piece #686). Bill noticed how well the silver geometric patterned frame almost matched the outside border of the design. That was my 2nd choice for People’s Award vote.

I enjoyed seeing C Loudon’s geometric pillow with Hilton stitches (piece #610 that won a 3rd place ribbon), the dracula piece (#611), and the Halloween piece #612 that also won a 3rd place ribbon) – all very nice pieces!

I think I saw the Arabella piece stitched by B Laaken and designed by Michael Boren that The Shining Needle Society is advertising now (piece #620) – very pretty.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors for making the event such a varied, visually exciting, and stimulating experience! And, thanks to all the Nelly’s Needlers and volunteers who contribute to this event – it is a gem! Of course, I am already looking forward to the 51st year celebration!

300th Post – Needlepoint Quotes
February 22, 2013, 9:40 am
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Something different today for my 300th posting since I started blogging. I came across a website with various needlepoint quotes ( that I want to share.

The reason I went looking for quotes was to find one to use in thank you notes that I am preparing for an upcoming class our ANG Mainline chapter is offering. More on the class in a future blog.

I think of one of our members, Patrick, when I substitute wife for husband because he says he is constantly losing needles (I have had my fair share go missing despite trying to use magnet holders):
My husband is a human pincushion. ~Author Unknown

Most of us can relate to this one (I have a 5&1/2′ x 3′ cabinet, 4 files drawers (20″ deep x 15″ wide), 10-12′ of books on shelves), and still have a couple free-standing bags of projects):
Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets. ~Author Unknown


As you can see, I agree with this quote:
Sewing: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness. ~Author Unknown

And, who doesn’t agree:
Any day spent sewing, is a good day. ~Author Unknown

When you have time, read more on the website for some wonderful quotes. Which one makes you smile?

February is National Embroidery Month
February 6, 2013, 10:33 am
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Just google ‘February national embroidery month’ and see what you find! There is a beautiful piece displayed on

Welcome 2013 and All My Wonderful Projects
January 1, 2013, 2:52 pm
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I took inventory today and found Hope/Cure for Breast Cancer by Rebecca Powell from the Chapter Project Book (upper left corner of picture). My ANG Mainline Chapter is doing one as a group for a community service project. I took the sketch that was provided & made a diagram to follow but the vertical intersecting lines didn’t fall where I had hoped. So, I’m scratching that canvas. In fact, I have an idea sketched out for a companion piece as our next community service project. If it turns out, maybe it would be in a future Chapter Project Book! That would be very exciting, educational, and challenging to go through the process of creating not only the stitched piece but writing up the directions, getting it pilot stitched, and writing the proposal. Stitching actually sounds like the easy part!

Moving to the right, I got a Stitch N’ Zip purse and card case set and the 2 cases just below at Nimble Needle. I am hoping the finishing is easy. Has anyone used these? Any tips?

On the upper right corner is the lovely Dragon Fly, a SharonG canvas. I made good progress on this before I stopped to finish my poppy field piece.

On the corner of the Dragon Fly is an ornament that I made a Kumihimo braid to edge the sides. My Mainline Chapter were fortunate to have Karen at Nimble Needle visit our group to show us how to finish an ornament. It got buried in a pile & I forgot to finish it.

Below that is Nancy Cucci’s piece from a 2-day class for Stitches in Sterling that 4 of us from my Mainline Chapter took with the Delaware Seashore Chapter. There was some pre-work and I did get a good amount done during the 2 days. But, it got set aside because of Mainline Chapter projects, the holidays, and my poppy field! According to my blog entry in Oct 2011, I have a design of my own floating around that I had been inspired to create – I wonder where I put that. Where does the time go?

It is easy to spot my newest canvas that came from Tapisserie in London, England and was a gift from a coworker. The store was kind enough email me the PDF of the stitched model. They deviated from the painted canvas using beads for the crown. I love the Royal Blue background and powder blue profile. I am going to do the EIIR differently. I ordered some beads and have some threads to experiment with before I tackle the canvas.

You can see I have 2 round ornaments to find a design for & stitch. This finishing is going to be easy as long as I make the round insert the correct size to start off.

The pen should work up quickly & will be a gift for my husband, Bill who has quite a collection of pens already!

It is easy to spot the canvas, Vases by SharonG. My Mainline Chapter wanted to take a summer class & so 7 of us headed to Nimble Needle for a Saturday class with Sharon. We all voted on what canvas to stitch so that we could work through the stitch guide during the 1-day class. For me, this came too close after the other SharonG class I had taken & too soon before the 2012 seminar in Philly to permit me any time to work on it since the class. But, I absolutely love the canvas.

In the middle on the bottom, I have the Ornament Quartet by Marilyn Owens. It is from the ANG Chapter Project Book. And, both my local Mainline Chapter & CyberPointers selected this in 2012 to do as a group. I have one done & the second is almost done!

Another project selected by both my chapters is the Ort Box by Marilyn Owens. Well, it is stitched but not lined and assembled.

I know I have at least one more project started from seminar 2012, Tar River Trail, a 2-day class with Gail Stafford, that has not been worked on since seminar.

I won’t even think about the other projects that reside in my basement cabinet! I know I have several in this batch of works in progress (WIP) that I have a passion to work on. The hard part is deciding which one to work on first. I have heard that some people work on different ones simultaneously. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to try that approach. How do you prefer to work – one project start to finish or pick up different ones on different days?

Happy New Year everyone!


Woodlawn Roadtrip 2012
June 5, 2012, 10:35 pm
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My husband, Bill, & I attended the 49th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition on Sunday, June 3 & it is our 3rd annual trek to the event. There were over 600 pieces again! It runs through June 10 this year (late because of restoration work done on the windows). So, you can still go – it is really worth the trip. Next year is the 50th Annual & they are already excited about it!

There was less beadwork canvas pieces this year but there was still all the variety of techniques including canvas work, counted thread, blackwork, hardanger, drawn thread, cross-stitch, embroidery (crewel, cut-work, japanese, goldwork, silk ribbon, stumpwork, surface), fine hand sewing, miniature, needle-made lace, quilted accessory, sampler, & smocking.

In the first room, I saw my sister’s lovely angel as cross-stitched by Barbara & learned about the designer from Ellice, ANG Board member & docent – what a thrill!

The three-dimensional embroidery pieces were stunning – I have done some of that and really appreciate the effort that goes into those. One (#134) had 12 different flower motifs with some ribbon embroidery in it as well. The Welcome piece (#137), that Karen had to stitch a second time because the first had been stolen, earned the Eleanor Curtis Lewis award. Another was a ladies face with flowing hair in all different stitches (can’t be sure of the #).

I also really appreciate the work that went into the blackwork pieces after stitching the small sections of the Ort Box & I was fascinated with the yellow and green pineapple that had different blackwork patterns for each section (#149). The sampler section had a wonderful variety but what popped out for me was the red and white ying yang piece (#258) that had red stitching of lettering allowing white background to show through & the other half was a mirror image but with red stitches covering all but the lettering to show them as white.

Catherine Jordan’s counted work was fantastic (#41 and 42), one won the Director’s award, and is featured on the cover.

But, her small framed surface embroidery (#43) – stitched in 5 or 6 layers and placed together was simple amazing because of the unique concept. There was a hole in the center of all the sections through which you could see the tree twisted threads of the trunks all of which were attached at ground level and again up top at the leaves. It won a second place ribbon.

I think I saw a Nancy Cucci beaded piece (#593). There were 2 of Jean Hilton’s ‘Scott Lee’ (#12 & #40) done in 2 different colors creating a different look to the work.

The patchwork bear (#26) was a tribute to 911 and looked like the one at 2010’s seminar. Joyce made a lovable brown dog with a black nose (sorry, I do not know the breed of # 189) and used actual hairs from the real dog as whiskers. And, it won a Judge’s Choice award & 2nd place.

We saw three generations of stitchers display pieces and met the mother and daughter (I can’t find my notes on them to credit them by # or first name). The 13-year-old girl told us she’d been stitching since she was 3 and has won awards before this one which was an interesting original geometric piece.

My People’s Choice vote went to Betty Jo, a Golden ager, whose original pine cone design (#370) was so simple yet stunning. Small round gold sequins made up the pine cone and the long threads lay on the surface for the needles. And, the eye-catching reflective background placed under the canvas caught your eye from a distance. Congrats on your Honorable Mention award!

This year we didn’t have such a big breakfast that we were able to sit & eat the lemon tart before heading home. We also got some of Martha Washington’s ginger cookies made by Nellie’s Needlers. I also picked up a bookmark for Bill. For the house and to go with the Frank Lloyd Wright table runner, I got a trivet stitched by Nellie’s Needlers.

Hopefully, I’ll win the quilt they are selling chances for – they all pitched in as a group to make it. Beautiful.

Lastly, I learned I must get the Green Book from the Royal School of Needlework! But, I’m going to need some more info on that because it doesn’t come up as ‘Green Book’ in my searches. Anyone able to clarify?

200th Blog – a Vintage Handkerchief
October 29, 2011, 10:31 am
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In order to post this, my 200th blog, I did a 2011 review. I only posted 55 blogs this year as compared to last year’s 145. So, I slowed down. But, it’s still been a busy, fun, interesting year so far:

I’ve stitched a golf piece for my husband, baby pieces for Calder & Carson, showed you Anita’s cross stitched angel from several years ago & vintage lines with crocheted edging done by my grandmother. I’ve dabbled in embroidery, braiding, & beading.

I’ve stitched with ANG Cyberpointers, ANG Mainline Stitchers Chapter, & ANG Seashore Chapter in Georgetown, DE.

I’ve learned from a host of sources:

  • ANG Yahoo Group
  • Stitches in Sterling with Nancy Cucci (in progress)
  • Photo embroidery with Joetta Maue (in progress)
  • Kumihimo with Carol LePage
  • Sampler & Antique Needlework Magazine (finished scissors sheath in 2011)
  • Landscapes with Pat Rusch & Lois Kershner (in progress)
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Santacicle with Janet Zickler Casey (finished in 2011)
  • Pieces of Eight by Gayle Bicknell (finished in 2011)
  • Clarity By Ann Daly
  • Mary Corbet’s newsletter
  • Chilly Hollow’s Blog
  • Archivist at Westtown School
  • Beaded bracelet making class with Lori from ANG Mainline Stitchers

Learned about:

  • ANG Pilot Stitcher Program
  • Royal School of Needlepoint from CBS Sunday Morning

Bought from:

  • Judy at Judy’s Stitchery Nook in Harlingen, TX
  • Sue at The Log House in New Castle, PA
  • Tokens and Trifles (online)
  • Lavinia at Counted Embroidery in Califon, NJ
  • Karen Milano at Nimble Needle in Haddonfield, NJ
  • Marcie at Needle Me in Havertown, PA
  • Tony & Betsy at Fireside Stitchery in Frazer, PA
  • Russell & Stephen at Rittenhouse Needlepoint in Phila, PA
  • Dan from Framer’s Workshop in Phila, PA
  • The Bead Garden in Havertown, PA
  • Fire Mountain Gems (online)

With this blog, I’ll share my vintage handkerchief that was my grandmothers that was what I carried with my bouquet for something old. We share not only the same initial but I have my grandmothers first name for my middle name, Mae. Many of the items I’ll be blogging about over the next weeks and months are vintage items from her day or my mother’s. I expect this was not hand-made but there is no tag.

I have no financial tie to any person or organization mentioned above – just a happy stitcher giving credit to wonderful people or services or both.

Royal School of Needlepoint
May 1, 2011, 9:57 pm
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The Royal School of Needlepoint was on CBS Sunday Morning a couple of week ago. In case you didn’t see the item, here’s the link to a 6-minute video with a little history & shots of some beautiful needlepoint:;contentBody

And, you can commemorate the royal wedding by stitching a sampler:

No financial interest . . . I just love that the whole country gets the day off for the wedding! Actually they have a 4-day weekend. I’ve been catching up on my TV this weekend, including the Royal Wedding! Beautiful event, the dress was incredible. I heard that the people doing the hand sewing had to wash their hands every 30 minutes! We should probably take note of that practice.

Google Map for Philadelphia Area Local Needlepoint Shops (LNSs)
March 26, 2011, 1:01 pm
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I made a Google Map for Philadelphia Area Local Needlepoint Shops. The stores are located within an hours drive (or so) of Philadelphia (this does include New Jersey stores). I can add more anytime. If you know of more in the area, leave me a comment & I’ll add them. I feel so techy right now!! (If you don’t disable cookies, it’ll take 2 clicks to get there instead of going directly to the map. It feels good to learn new stuff!)

So, how’s it all done?

Well, go to Google Maps ( and click on My Maps for a 3&1/2 minute tutorial. It’s really that easy. You do have to have a Google account but that’s free & easy too.
  • Create a new map, give it a title & description.
  • Search the needlepoint store in the google maps search field.
  • Click on the correct store & in the balloon that pops up, click on “Save to . . . ” & place it in your map.

Now, to send that link to someone it’ll be really long:,-75.270081&spn=0.481057,0.852814&z=10

So, I took that URL & went over to & converted it to something much shorter:

I have no financial interest in any of the stores on My Map, Google Maps, or  I must say, this was all quite user-friendly!!  Give it a try for your own LNSs!!


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